Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The storms of life

The latest storm in my life started last week. I was feeling a little off and went in to the doctor. Turns out I had the flu, strep, ear and sinus infection. Praise God my mother in law was in town by chance. I did nothing but sleep for 3 days. After that, I still felt like death but managed to go to work on Friday. On Wednesday of last week, one of my molars started feeling weird. I had a root canal and crown on it 5 years ago and didn’t think much of it. I had my teeth cleaned on Friday and they found nothing. I was in so much pain Friday night and Saturday I had to call the dentist. He prescribed a round of antibiotics and painkillers which did nothing for the pain. Sunday night I had an emergency visit with a special dentist for an abscessed tooth. Right now I am still in a tremendous amount of pain to the point in effects my work, my parenting, my relationship with James. I get very nauseous from the pain and not much helps it. They just called in a new antibiotic to hopefully get me some relief. I wish at this point I had them pull the tooth, but at the time saving the tooth was cheaper and seemed like a better choice.
With all of that going on I am trying to seek God and what he is trying to teach me. He has made it clearer than ever that James is a wonderful husband and father. He has taken great care of me and just let me sit, and cry. I am struggling with handling the pain and staying sane. I know that God has a lesson in all of this, I hope that I ‘get it’. It hurts me so emotionally to not be able to play with Zach and give him what he needs.
I heard this song on the radio. It made me realize that this is not a tragedy. I’m trying to suck it up, but it is hard!Sounds like life to me it ain’t no fantasyIt’s just a common case of everyday realityMan I know it’s tough but you gotta suck it upTo hear you talk you’re caught up in some tragedyIt sounds like life to me


Jason and Stephanie Trook said...

Oh Dana, I'm so sad for you! Mouth pain is awful! I'm praying the new meds work!

Brie said...

How awful Dana! I will be praying.

Beth said...

I am also praying!