Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The latest

I just got my progesterone level back. It is at 16.8. They like it to be above a 20. Of course, I am in panic mode. From what the nurse told me there is really nothing they can do at this point. My placenta should be making what I need. It is still really unnerving for us. I would appreciate all of your prayers (I know you are all praying all ready).
Well for those of you that don’t know, or have suspected, I am pregnant! It has been a long journey to get to this point, and James and I are filled with JOY! Yesterday, we went for our 12 week sonogram. (Technically, I am not at 12 weeks until tomorrow). The baby looked perfect from what we could see. It was moving and wiggling almost the entire time. We could see its tiny arms and legs dancing around the screen. It was still long enough to get measured (It is 57mm, about the size of a larger lime or fig.), but it would not stay still long enough to measure its heartbeat. The heartbCheck Spellingeat looked good, and they told us this was nothing to worry about and happens a lot when the baby has room to move. We have almost 10 minutes of video. You can even see its tiny hands and thumb at one point. They took me off my progesterone shots last Friday. I had my blood work done again yesterday. My level has to stay above 20 for the baby to be safe. We are waiting on those results. I was released from the specialist to go back to my normal doctor. I will still be monitored closely, and they have me and the baby coded as high risk because of my past. I love my regular doctor and know they will take great care of us. I am still taking it easy, and James takes great care of me. So many of you (and your friends and family that I have never even met) have prayed for our family over the past months, and even years. We appreciate your love, prayers, and support more than you will ever know. God has been very faithful and giving through this whole process. He has used this struggle to teach us and grow us closer to Him. I have pictures and video that I will gladly show off if you would like to see. We are still not in the clear, but our chances of this baby making it are looking up now. I have put off buying maternity clothes (Thanks to my wonderful friends who have hooked me up with clothes already!), and any thing for the baby because of my fears. I think I will slowly start making small purchases. Once we find out if it is a boy or a girl, I am sure I will not be able to stop.

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