Saturday, November 3, 2007

Timeline of this Journey

Many people have just recently found out about this pregnancy. I have had so many people that know us say that they had no idea everything we had been through. So, I thought a timeline might help people understand the road we have been down.
It is hard to even remember when it all started. It seems like it was so long ago.
A little history. I have had a history of female problems. In high school my doctor told me getting pregnant might be a problem, but not to worry about it. 'Problem' really didn't begin to explain what we have gone through.
I was diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) after about 3 months of no pregnancy. (End of 2004)
I was put on clomid to help to ovulate and metphormine (a diabetes medicine to help control my hormone levels.) We did this for about a year off and on with no luck.
I found out I was pregnant in May of 2006, but miscarried very early on.
Then in August of 2006, with no clomid, we found out I was pregnant again. I switched doctors because I was not happy where I was and was recommended to a wonderful doctor who takes very good care of me. My progesterone levels could not be stabilized, and when we went in for an ultrasound there was no embryonic growth or a heartbeat.
I had to have a D&C (surgery) and was sent home to just 'not worry' and 'keep trying'.
Finally in April of 2007 my doctor sent me to a fertility specialist. We knew the specialist would be very expensive and put my body through all sorts of ups and downs to say the least. We had struggled and prayed about whether this was the right thing to do.
I had diagnostic surgery that found out that I had PCOS and endometriosis. These things had wrecked havoc on my life in other ways other than the pregnancy battle, and it was good to finally realize why I had some symptoms.
In June we did what is called super ovulation. I had take shots in my stomach and have my ovaries and blood levels monitored very closely. Everything looked perfect for a healthy pregnancy. I had many eggs, and we were so sure that it had worked. We found out though that it had not.
The doctor suggested that we do in-vitro sense there was no reason that the super ovulation did not work other than I had something they could not diagnosis with my tubes.
So after much thought, talk, and prayer we decided to go through with it.
Once again, I took shots every night for 2 weeks in my stomach, 4 shots to be exact. Then, they did the retrieval and implantation, and I began shots in my hip until just last week.
Well, that is what we have been through to get to this point.
I worried about my emotions and ability to handle the good and/or the bad through all of this. What if we were/are disappointed again. Finally, God got me to the point that either way I realized We would be okay. I would love and serve my God no matter what, and be thankful for the wonderful marriage and husband that He gave me. I realized I had His grace, and that was more than sufficient for me.
That pretty much gets us up to where the first blog started.
I hope this update helps everyone understand. There might be some terminology that most don't know about. Google is a great thing if you need to use it. ;)

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