Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Carseat, awe, and other things

Whoever said babies love their carseat was lying! Or, the never met Zach. He hates it. Well, that is not entirely true. He will tolerate it when he is sleepy, the car is moving, and there is fuzz(static) on the radio. If he is awake, hot, cold, or cranky he HATES it and will scream until he gets out. As you can imagine this makes shopping a bit difficult.
We are going to Oklahoma and Austin with my parents in a few weeks, so my mom and I have put Zach on a training schedule. He has to learn to love his carseat, so we shop! The last few trips have been a lot better. So, he is making progress.
Zach went to church for the first time last Sunday. I can not even describe how it felt to praise God during worship while our miracle sat next to me (in his carseat another miracle). I teared up just thinking of the times I cried and poured my hear out to God for a baby. The only words I can think of to describe how I feel for Zach at times is just Awe. I am in awe and how perfect and wonderful he is. I am in awe of how faithful to His promises my Lord is. I am in awe of how I can feel so much love for someone. I am in awe at how our Father gave up is only son for me, for my son, for us. I hope and pray that Zach will be in Awe at the faithfulness and love of our Father.
A funny church note...Zach peed on his really cute outfit. Only a few people saw him styling in his little plaid onesie and khaki shorts and tiny sandals. I did not even get a picture. He probably won't get to wear it again. He is in that in between stage where everything is either too little or too big. It is very similar to the wardrobe issues I have right now. :)
Zach loves his play mat and has become very aware of his toys. He is staying awake more and really observing the things around him. It is so much fun to see him developing. He is growing so big in size and his mind.
I need to post more pictures, but our computer crashed. Don't worry they were backed up, but on the computer upstairs. We have a new laptop. YEA!


Mitzi said...

I understand what you mean! In the past month Addy was the same way. Now we have a big girl carseat and get to face the front. She loves it!!!!

the lowe down... said...

yeah for new babies and precious life! He is just beautiful...and i'm sure the church outfit was adorable...gotta watch out for those boys! They pee everywhere!

Brie said...

Good to hear an updated! Church is a major achievement, way to go!:)