Monday, June 30, 2008

Road Trip

Well, Zach has been on his first road trip. There are lyrics in a Pat Green song that say something to the effect of when you live out in West Texas you have to pack up all your stuff and hope to goodness you'll be back by Monday. (Those are the edited, Dana version of the lyrics)
Well, when you travel with a baby you literally have to back up ALL his stuff, and when you travel with my parents you have to hope you'll make it back before school starts.
Zach and I loaded up with my mom on Tuesday, June 17th and headed to Cooper, where I grew up which is about 8 hours from Lubbock. We visited great grand parents and friends on Wednesday, and headed to Broken Bow, Oklahoma for the Owa Chita festival at Beavers Ben on Thursday. We rented a beautiful cabin, and Zach went camping for the first time in style. The lake at Beavers Ben is beautiful. It makes me want a lake house and boat. Zach did not make it on the lake, but I did for a few hours. My brother, his girlfriend, my mom, dad, Mamaw Betty, and our cousins were all there. It was a great weekend. On Sunday, we regrouped back in Cooper and headed to Austin. Zach's first hotel was very luxurious. We stayed at the Renaissance. We ordered room service every morning, and even dessert one night. We decided we could get used to that kind of living. On Monday we went to the outlet malls in San Marcus. Zach hated the outlet malls and shopping all together. On Tuesday we dragged Zach to a wonderful mall in Austin. After fussing with me for about an hour, Zach decided to sleep in his stroller and just shop. He stayed at the mall for 5 hours. I LOVE big city shopping. They have so much inventory, ON SALE! I did not do much shopping for me, but my petite size 4 mother did. That is another blog for another day. My mom was so much help with Zach. She loves him so much. On Wednesday we headed back to Cooper to stay for a few days. I stayed at Mamaw Betty's house in Cooper, and my parents stayed in Charleston in the house I grew up in. My brother lives there now. It is WAY out in the country. Zach and I would get up and go out about lunch time. Zach had lots of firsts in Cooper. He watched me and mamaw Betty chase and kill a mouse in her living room, road on the big red tractor with his Pops, and started smiling when you sing and talk to him. We finally made it back to West Texas on this past Saturday. James picked us up in Guthrie where my parents live now. Zach did so good in the car. He was a real trooper, and I am so glad we got to do this. We were both really glad to see James and be home!
Zach is spoiled! Some people say you can not spoil an infant. So, Zach is not spoiled, but he prefers to sleep in the comfort of my arms or anyone elses. He will go to sleep in his swing, bouncy, or car seat by himself some times. He fights sleep, and prefers to be rocked to sleep. Right now he is crying (not screaming, but he will in a few minutes) on his play mat because he wants to be held. I LOVE holding him so I am not much help in breaking him of this. I figure that he can get unspoiled at daycare, but as long as I have him I am going to hold and love him. I love the fact that he is a snuggler.
Well, crying has gone to screaming. I'll post pics later.


Jason and Stephanie Trook said...

I glad you had such a great trip!

Mitzi said...

Addyson's first camping was also in Broken Bow in a nice cabin. She was also 2 months old when she went. she loved it. Gook luck on the spoiling and holding. Addy will be 1 next Sunday and is the same way. I love it