Friday, August 22, 2008

Just a few things

I have so many things I could reflect and say, but once again, I am exhausted.

So, bulleted lists are now my friend.

Zach is getting so big, his feet, his hands, his legs, his head, his belly :)

He is holding is head up really well and focusing on things. He is getting really good at 'mini' push ups. He will 'talk' to you and just look around smiling and laughing. He blows bubbles and just loves life. He is a really happy baby. We are so blessed.

Our friend Averi and Eric had their baby Cade this week. I cried as I looked at our 2 precious sons and thought of the Lord's faithfulness to our families. These two babies will bring such joy to us, and are testaments of God's faith and love. What gifts they are!

I just realized that I am rambling, not listing. :)
Here are some pictures of our little/big guy.


Leah Dooley said...

He is so adorable Dana! And you look beautiful in the pic of the two of you. You are a wonderful mom!!

Jason and Stephanie Trook said...

Yeah for pictures! You know you don't even have to write with bullets! Just put up pics! He has gotten huge, but still precious!

Raynie said...

He is looking more like Mommy, these days!!! I can't wait to get a hold of him this weekend. See you soon.

The Meers Family said...

Your son is sooooo sweet! I hope you are doing well. Pardon me for "blog-stalking" but I saw your name on someones blog and just had to check you guys out! You look great and I hope you feel great! A little advice for a new mommy...hold him as much as you can, don't put him down. You blink and they're huge! God bless you guys!
Jennifer Meers

Brie said...

You look great Dana! Your updates are special to me, thanks for taking the time to do it even life is hectic for you!

Christa Greene said...

I love your new blog design...very Red Raiderish! Hi Zachary-you're so sweet!