Wednesday, June 24, 2009


WOW-June is gone and we are about to hit the road again.

We were in Disney for a week. Zach did amazing. He really LOVED it! Mickey was his favorite. He even did the "Hot Dog" dance with characters at a character lunch. I would take him back at 13 months again. At first I thought we were crazy, but it was worth the sweat to see his sweet face experience Disney. Everyone asks our favorite part, and it really was seeing Zach's eyes light up at all the excitement. He would point and say 'ook' at things. He clapped so hard during the shows.

Zach went home with my parents GiGi and Pops, for 4 days while I went to San Antonio to a great conference. It was such a hard 4 days without him. My Mom and Dad would keep him forever if they could. I got to go and spend about a week with my family in Cooper. I truly miss where, how, and who I grew up with. It is a very special place. Zach truly loves country life. He loves the swimming pool, kitties, horses, and his little red wagon. Zach's uncle Welton took him for rides down the steep driveway and into the field. I almost had a hear attack, but Uncle Welton assured me it was not his first trip.
We will be in Lubbock for a few days and then are headed to Corpus for a week. The plan then is for me and Zach to go back to my parents for one last week.

WOW! This Summer is almost gone now!

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