Friday, September 14, 2007

This and that

I have my comps on September 29th. Comps are what I have to pass to graduate. I have to have a paper turned in by Septemeber 27th. I am 1/3 of the way finished, and have no motivation to get the rest done. I will work on it Sunday. I think by typing it, I might get it done.
I am very excited about the weekend. James is smoking a brisket, and we are going to watch the football game at a friends house.
My mom came today. She had to have a biopsy on a mass in her breast. They have told her not to worry, but you never know. I am worried about her. Please lift her up in your prayers. She is very confident and upbeat that everything is okay. She has had one like this before, but still I worry.
We are going to watch a movie tonight. I doubt I make it through the whole thing. We will see.
I took a nap this afternoon, but I am tired again. I woke up only 2 hours ago. I could sleep for hours. I sleep so hard!
We are going to have to get a new fence with a concrete barrier around the bottom. The neighbor dog digs a whole big enough for Panzer to go visit. James knows better than to risk her getting out. I love that little dog way too much.
I am off to make a no bake cheesecake. Never mind the fact my pants are already tight.
I hope ya'll have a great weekend.

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Brie said...

I'm praying for you Dana. Beth sent me an email letting me know to pray! I'm not sure you will check this but I wanted to tell you that I'm lifting you up!
The Lord is with you and he is mighty to save!
Also, I spotted bright red blood with Mali.