Thursday, January 10, 2008

Joy and water exercise

I have been feeling the baby move for a few weeks. Over the Christmas break though, I really started feeling him move consistently.
Feeling him move is the most amazing thing in this world. Each time, it brings me a joy and feeling like I have never felt before, emotionally and physically. Each time, I am so thankful for his wiggly movement, even in the middle of the night. James has even felt him move a few times. When I lay down at night he gets very active until I go to sleep. He 'got' James a few times pretty good.
I thought that our little guy would bring us joy and we would love him, but I am blown away by the am out of joy and love we have for our baby.
My doctor let me start going to water walking/aerobics. I have been once, and really enjoyed it. It is really relaxing. I have done nothing in the form of exercise in 6 months!! Do not worry, I am not over doing it. I stopped as soon as I thought it was time.

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