Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The rusty nail...the baby...the clinic...and the shot

Okay, so Tuesday night, James was taking apart some shelves. I felt the need to give my opinion on how it should be done, instead of just trusting my husband (imagine that). James told me to go inside and rest, but I decided to show him where he should step on the shelf. Well, there was a nail that I didn't see, where I was telling James he should step. It barely went through my shoe, but it did break the skin. It bled only a little bit, and enough for me to start to worry. Of course, I could not remember my last tetanus shot. I knew it was some time in high school, when I cut my finger on a nasty piece of wire in the barn. I figured it was early high school rather than later high school, and sadly more than 10 years ago.
I called my doctor this morning, and they affirmed what the Internet said regarding pregnant women getting the shot. However, they did not give the shot, nor did my regular doctor. They told me to try the health department and walk in clinics. Of course, the health clinic was closed, and I really wanted to go there just to see my friend Rachel, but she was not going to be there. I called the Covenant and UMC clinic on Quaker to see if they gave the tetanus shot. They both said, 'yes', and my plan was to go to the one that had the less sick looking people in the waiting room. Covenant was packed, so I went to UMC. Just FYI for all you pregnant folks, or future pregnant folks UMC will not take pregnant walk in patients after they are 20 weeks. I left very frustrated, but thankful that it worked out the way it did because there were lots of sick people in the waiting room. I thought that was the last place I needed to sit for 2 plus hours.
We had a doctor's appointment today. It went very well. The baby is breach right now, again. His head is above my belly button and his little feet are right on my bladder. Yes, I feel his kicks often, and have to go to the bathroom often too! He was uncooperative with his pictures, again. He was moving a ton about an hour before the appointment, but went to sleep when the camera came on. This did allow the dr. to get good measurements and a good heartbeat reading. He reassured us that he is a boy. ;)
The dr. reassured us for the need to get a tetanus shot, and I left to go to Grace clinic. An hour and 40 minutes later and shot I left the clinic.


Jason and Stephanie Trook said...

Well, you're life sure hasn't been boring today! I hope you have a restful day tomorrow!

Ashley said...

Seriously, I am exhausted for you!

Glad you are doing so well!

the lowe down... said...

good stuff girl! and hey - I met your cute friend Ashley Nelson yesterday at a bday party! Small world, huh?!

Leah Dooley said...

That's crazy that you had to search so hard to find someone to give you that shot! What' your due date Dana?