Sunday, February 3, 2008

GERMS and the weekend

One of the joys of teaching are all the germs that are spread around. I have never considered myself a germ freak until this year. I find myself germ-xing my hands ALL the time. I give my students germ-x when they walk into the room, lysol my desks, and use extra germ-x after I touch any papers that have been touched by a student.
Luckily, our amzing Lord gives pregnant women a mega-immune system. I have been very blessed to have not 'caught' any of the lovely illnesses going around this time of year. (Knock on wood) I have had my share of allergies, but even those have been managable. I did wake up this morning exhausted and congested because of the garage sale, and I probably over did it setting things up.

We had an amazing, yet exhausting weekend. We finally got the baby's room cleaned out, with the exception of the things that need to go in the attic. All week we worked on getting ready for a garage sale on Saturday. Things started off realy slow and COLD, but in the end we had a relly great garage sale. The best part was that we got rid of the workout gym that was in the soon to be nursery. It amazes me that God knew exactly who to send to our garage sale, and that he knows who will need the things we sent to Goodwill. I am finding that I am seeking God more and more in the little things. For those of you who know me well, and my control freak nature, this is a really cool thing.

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