Friday, February 29, 2008

Glucose Test Results

First of all, God is SO faithful! His love and goodness really have been evident in every step of this pregnancy journey. How silly of me it was to doubt that me and the baby were not going to be okay in regards to the diabetes. God just keeps working on me to stop worrying and let Him have COMPLETE control. He reminded me again how that I am not in control, and there are so many little and big things that I have no control of.
So, with that said, my glucose test came back A-okay; I passed! I was more relieved to pass this test than my principal certification. It is amazing how pregnancy puts perspective on other things you think are important. I did have my blood drawn 4 times in 4 hours, but the in-vitro prepared me for being stuck a lot. The nurse seems to think that my body has a problem with refined sugars, and I just need to be careful. So, I tried to think what sweet things that I indulge in that I would really cut back on. I really could not think of anything dessert related that I eat daily, or even weekly. I haven't been running out to Sheriden's or for Blue Bell and cookies. However, I do drink a lot of juice and eat lots of carbs. I am going to try to cut back on these things and eat more fruit and vegetables. Before, I got pregnant I was on a diabetes medicine to help my body process sugar and glucose something or another related to my hormones. So, I think I(with no medical basis) that the test results all have something to do with that.
Currently, my husband is exposing me to the Foo Fighters. Apparently, I have missed out on a significant event not knowing much about them. I can't help it I grew up in Cooper, TX. I can sing every country song known to man.


Beth said...

Praise God! I'm glad it is God in control and not us.

Raynie said...

I hate the kool-aid, drink, but if it proves the baby is fine, then pass another round! I am so glad El Guapito is doing great! i like the Foo Fighters. They rock.

Brie said...

Dublin Dr. Pepper doesn't have refined sugar...but you may not want to do the caffeine!:) Sorry I missed hugging you at church, but it was good to "see" you! And, I had to do the glucose test twice b/c my pregnancy brain was too dump to follow the directions the first time!:)