Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What can Brown do for you?

The bedding was on my front porch when I got home today! YEA UPS guy! Let me just say that Brown has done a lot for me today. :)
I LOVE the bedding. I was having some doubts, but it is perfect. The white in the picture is actually a khacki/beige color.
I am at a little bit more peace about the nursery now. But, here is a list of things I (James) still need to do for it to be 'ready'. In no particular order...

Get new light/ceiling fan
PAINT-My mother is coming on March 8th to take care of this. I won't even be in town. SCARY, leaving her in charge, but she has good taste.
FIGURE OUT how to paint the room. One wall dark brown with the other khacki, all khacki with polk a dots on one wall, half khacki and half weird blue color, blue and brown stripes. There are so many options.
Put the stuff in the closet in the attic
Get a mattress for the crib
Wash the crib sheet (note to self, buy Dreft)
Iron the dust ruffle and quilt
Find window treatments (I am just goint to get a sun block panel (the setting sun comes right through the window in the afternoon/evenings), and a sheer brown curtain for now. The window valance will not be here until JUNE 2nd. Have I mentioned, how much that bothers me? I will let it go though sense I have the bedding.)
Get a glider, side table, and lamp


Jason and Stephanie Trook said...

Yeah for bedding! Here's my opinion on painting-take it or leave it! Once Sweet Boy gets here, you are not going to want to paint-even when he gets a little older. Also, you don't want the walls to take away from the bedding. But, do what YOU want, because this is YOUR sweet boy's room!

Stacy & Kris said...

Here's another tip (take it or leave it!) Don't buy Dreft, just buy regular detergent that is dye and perfume free...then you can just wash everyone's laundry together and save some time sorting. LOVE the bedding. So excited for you!!

Brie said...

You are so funny! My opinion is make the room as easy as possible to transition as he gets older. We are dealing with that now. Mali's room is painted green,but we are having to find new bedding which will match the custom made valances and her quilt, etc., etc. It is always one of those funny things that seems to be so important, but isn't really important in the big scheme of parenting! Good luck!
Thanks for your comments, it always makes my day. The wait is hard, but I really feel peace that God knows best for our little family!

Ashley said...

I cannot believe how close delivery day is getting!