Monday, December 8, 2008


I LOVE Winter. It is going to be so cold in Lubbock tomorrow and I can not wait.
We have been very busy sense Thanksgiving. I know it has been forever sense I posted.
Zach went to breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Clause. He really enjoyed it and loved the shopping at Holiday happening afterwards. ;) He does really well shopping, but he would rather be home with Daddy watching football and jumping in his bouncer.
He is on the verge of crawling. You can not leave him in one place and expect him to be there when you get back. I expect him to take off any day now.
He is sleeping really well at night still, Praise God!
Zach loves to eat and is doing really well with all his fruits and veggies.
I am no longer nursing. That was sad to give up, but we are both handling it very well.
I can not get over how much Zach is growing and changing daily. I LOVE being a mother.
We have a busy week. We are going on the Polar Express, have 2 Christmas parties and lots of packing, shopping, and wrapping to do.
This weekend James and I had some time together. My mom came in to keep Zach. Friday night we did some shopping and Saturday we went to a really fun Christmas party at some friends' house.
It is amazing how much more Christmas means now that I am a mother. I have a totally new take on the birth and death of our Savior now that I am a mother. It is hard to explain. To use a term I learned in graduate school, I now see things through different lenses than before.
I hope you and your family have a blessed Holiday!
Some random thoughts while I wait for pictures to upload.
I know there is a giant picture of Zach on the top of this blog. I have no idea how to fix it. Tara-ideas?
James and his brother Christ put up all of our lights outside before Thanksgiving. They plugged them in, blew a fuse, and now we have lights that don't work on our house.
I put a tree up for the 1st time in 4 years. It is really pretty if I do say so.
I know that giftcards are not the most personnel gift to buy, but I do it any way. I wish I had time to bake, but nothing says loving like $ to Starbucks.
I LOVE My new camera. But, it takes such amazing pictures it take blogger, facebook, myspace forever to upload. I might have to take special pictures with the old camera so I do not waste your time with my random thoughts while waiting for them to upload
I didn't have any spelling errors in this blog. Excuse the grammar mistakes.

Does anyone watch John and Kate plus 8. It is one of my favorite shows for the past few seasons. I have not missed an episode. I just read her book and admire her faithfulness and love for God through all that she has experienced.
James is reading the book "Marley" that is being made into a movie.
I find myself missing "Twilight" I plan on re-reading over the holidays unless you guys have suggestions.


Leah Dooley said...

Hey friend! Can I just say AGAIN that your son is absolutely gorgeous! He is seriously a little stud muffin!!!

Loved the random thoughts. I hate waiting for pics to upload, too.

Jason and Stephanie Trook said...

Great post! Yeah for Zach's 1st Christmas!

Brie said...

We LOVE Jon and Kate Plus 8. It is our "family" show, we all cuddle up on Monday's and watch it. In fact, Mali calls her baby sister Eleri Cate Plus 8. It is a very encouraging and real show! We love it!

Christa Greene said...

Hey Dana!
I love Zach's new pictures! What a Christmas cutie! It was good bumping into ya'll at church-I miss you and the gang! Have a very Merry Christmas!

Tara Powell said...

great new pics. As far as the mongo picture on top, just resave it as a smaller image size. If you can't figure it out e-mail me the picture and I can do it for you. Sorry I can' explain it well! I LOVE Jon and Kate plus 8, too. Kate is speaking in Houston in January with several other speakers, but it's $30 to go. I think I will just stick to seeing her on TV!