Thursday, January 8, 2009

What's going on...or been going on

Today, I am home with a sick little Zach. He has his first stomach bug. Luckily it is not too bad. I know it could be far worst. He is eating, some.
We had a whirlwind of a Christmas. How blessed it was to sit and open presents with our little miracle. He loved the paper, the bows, the lights, and the boxes all of his toys came wrapped up in. Of course, he did not realize that he is the best gift of all to so many people.
Here is a run down of what is going on with our family and Zach:
Zach can pull up all by himself. He is figuring out that he can pull up on anything and not just his toys. We have had a few head bumps, but nothing serious. ;)
Zach is crawling. He is no ready for the races, but he can get where he wants to go. No longer is he in the same place when I get back to him.
Zach flew on his first airplane over the holiday and did very well.
Zach got a little red wagon to keep at his GiGi and Pop's house in the country he loves that thing and his country cats.
Work is about to be super busy for me and always is for James.
I am trying very hard to not control everything but enjoy the evenings with my two boys. So what if the clothes never get folded and put up, they are clean.
Did you know that having healthy relationships is one of the most important things to maintaining healthy stress levels.
James got me John and Kate plus 8 Season one and two for Christmas. So, we all need to have a viewing party.
I have TONS of Christmas pictures I will get on soon.
Zach got to have his picture made with the real Santa in San Antonio. His pictures were MUCH better and only $5. That beats the $25 I paid at Holiday Happening with the fake Santa that don't show Zach's face.
Really that was a run down of what is going on with Zach.
Not much goes on with James and me because our world seems to revolve around Zach, in a healthy way. :)
I got to spend some good time with my best friend from high school that lives in Cooper. I miss you Julie Kay!
James is looking forward to March Madness.
We were both upset with our Red Raiders poor showing at the Cotton Bowl.
WE BOOKED A TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD IN JUNE!!! Zach is going with us. Our nieces will be there too. It should be such a fun time with our family.
I didn't proof this. So to my loyal following of folks that tell me all my probably have your work cut out on this one.


Hillarie said...

So fun to read a run-down of your life these days! Zach is awesome! He and Haden would probably get a kick out of each other...probably crawl all over each other and pull up on each other! Wish we could have a playdate!

Leah Dooley said...

Crawling!!! So crazy. We'll be in Florida in June, too, I think. Lex's brother is getting remarried...again, #3. We'll see. Maybe we can sneak off and meet y'all at Disney World. So fun.