Saturday, January 17, 2009


All I got for Christmas was this bow...yea right! It took 2 cars to get it all home

Giving mom kisses on the Riverwalk in San Antonio

Telling Santa what he wanted

Me and daddy

I let him have a taste of a cookie on the Polar Express Zach was really excited about what he got me for my birthday, an ESQ watch with diamonds
All of us on the Polar Express
I have a better pic of Zach and the Condutor but it takes forever to download
Zach was not really naughty this year


Jason and Stephanie Trook said...

Yeah! I especially like the one of the 2 of you on the Riverwalk. So sweet!

Ashley said...

Love the Christmas pictures. Hope you have had a good start back to school

Lenzi said...

Awww...I need to keep Zach very, very soon! If I could squeeze those cute cheeks through my computer screen, I would! He's growing too dang fast and I think you should make him stay a baby for another year. Tell him to stop trying to crawl and pull up, too. :)