Thursday, February 5, 2009

What has been happening

It has been WAY too long. Zach is now 9 months. My how he has grown sense this 7 week picture.
I think list work better and are a much faster way to get everyone up to speed on what is going on in the Garza world.
Zach can crawl everywhere now and pull up on anything. He is taking baby steps while holding on to things.
I have (as of last night)give him freedom outside the living room area. My they get into things fast. He managed to pull everything off the end table, get into the dog's water bowl, try to eat Panzer's dog bowl, get out a box of zip lock bags from the bottom drawer, take all the kleenex out of the box, and find that he loves a pot on the tile floor. MISSION this weekend: BABY PROOF the house. Any suggestions on what, how, why?

Zach needs a hair cut, but we are so sad to have to give him one. Once he gets a hair cut any remaining baby features will be gone. I am loving every stage of his development. It is really hard to see my baby growing into a toddler. I cherished every moment of him being a baby, but now it seems like so long ago that he was just a bundle of sleep, eat, and poop. :) It is so hard to let go and allow and trust him to be protected by the Lord.

I am doing the 10 days of praying for your children from my friend Hillarie's blog. I want and desire Zach to love the Lord, the Word, and walk in the truth. I confess that I get so caught up in the every day to do things that I do not nurture my walk enough. I know that I must in order to show Zach how much Jesus loves him. My friend said one thing you will answer for when you get to heaven is your children and how you grew the gift God gave you.

Zach can play patty cake. He will be crawling around and look at you, clap his hands and say pa pa.
James and I both are doing well. We stay busy and enjoy just being at home as a family.
I have a new stroller. It is called a Valco buggster. This now means we have our graco stroller, 2 umbrella strollers, a jogging stroller, and this new one. WAY too many. We don't stroll that much. We got the buggster for Disney world. It is like a supped up umbrella.

I need to post an opinion poll. How do ya'll feel about backpack leashes? We are going to Disney and I think someone will be walking or toddling around by then.

BTW we have use of a sippy cup and straw down.

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Leah Dooley said...

You are going to be one of those parents I laugh at when I see their kid on a leash! Oh Dana. :)