Thursday, February 5, 2009

Carne Guisada Gravy

I always said that I would use organic baby food. I try so hard to make sure Zach eats a balanced diet and organic when it can be. I confess that I do not do this as much as I should. Easy often takes over. Today, I realized that I use Avent bottles that are not BPA. There are lots of things I do that I said/thought I would not do. I will have to post about that later.
Before Christmas Zach's baby sitter said how much he loved mashed potatoes and gravy. I thought gravy??????????????? I send all organic baby food and he is eating gravy? I let it go very easily because she LOVES Zach and takes such good care of him. We are truly BLESSED to have this amazing women in our lives that loves Zachary as her own grandson. She only keeps him and her grandaughter.
Well the other day James comes homes. He was reluctant to tell me what the baby sitter had said. She informed James that Zach enjoys his baby food with carne guisiada gravy mixed in with it. James was proud as this is one of his favorite dishes. :) I am sure he gets lots of home made tortillas, beans, and rice as well.
So, I have traded my desire for all organic for love, nourishment, and an environment where Zach is taken care of not just watched.
But, I thought you would all laugh at Zach's love for Mexican food at an early age.

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