Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nursery Update

A while back, I had a nursery to do list.
I have made some progress.
Get new light/ceiling fan-DONE
PAINT-DONE 3 walls khaki, one wall dark chocolate brown
Put the stuff in the closet in the attic-Done, Thanks James
Get a mattress for the crib-Done
Wash the crib sheet (note to self, buy Dreft)-I have not washed it, but I have it on the bed to see what it looks like. I also have lots of random things in the crib because I don't know where to put them.
Iron the dust ruffle and quilt-Still need to do this
Find window treatments-I got a roman shade with a sun/solar block panel
Get a glider-We found what kind of rocker we are going to get but still need to order it. The major problem of where to put it in the living room has been solved.
I bought a lamp, but need to do something with the lamp shade, like cover it it teal fabric.
We finished the dresser
All drawers and closet shelves were covered with contact paper
I organized the clothes by size in his closet
I got his name painted and put on the wall, and another sign over the changing table
We still need to:
Put up a shelf
Find something to go over the crib
Put together the pack n play and swing
And I am sure a multitude of other things in the next 8 weeks (or less)
WOW! I am down to single digits of weeks left!


Beth said...

We need pictures!

Stacy & Kris said...

Ditto on the pictures! I'm an overdue pregnant woman, and I need entertainment.

Ashley said...

We need pictures, girl!