Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Dr. appointment

Here is the update as of Friday.
2 words can sum up our baby boy, big and breach! He is estimated to weigh 6.3 pounds right now, at 33 weeks. The doctors say that he looks very healthy, but is an above average baby for his weight.
My blood pressure is still looking good as well. My official due date is still May 15 th , they won’t change that no matter how big he gets. They know that May 15 th is exactly 40 weeks. However, if he stays breech, they will take him 2 weeks early. This puts us looking at a c-section the first week of May.
There is a slight possibility that he can still turn. The doctors said to never underestimate their turning ability, no matter how big they are. But, they also said that when a baby is ‘frank breech’ (feet in front of their face) and so big, the chances of them turning is more unlikely. We guess he just likes hanging out the way he is. He has been breech at every sonogram sense 14 weeks.
We did not get any ‘good’ pictures of him again today. He is looking toward my spine, so all we see is his spine and the back of his head. Occasionally, you can see a little foot or hand. We know he has all 5 toes on one foot. ;)
I start seeing my doctor once a week starting a April 7th. He is going to probably start doing non-stress tests then to make sure that everything is going okay with the baby. Dr. Killeen takes amazing care of both of us, and wants to make sure that everything is going and growing like it should.
I have always felt like this baby would be here a little earlier than May 15 th , and it looks like I might be right. It is hard to believe that if he stays the way he is, we could have a baby in 5 weeks! I have so much I need to still do!
Thank you all for your prayers and love for this child God has blessed us with.

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