Monday, April 7, 2008

Our Growing Baby Boy, amnio-what, and stress tests

Today we went in for our 2 week appointment. I am 34 and ½ weeks pregnant (Can you believe that?)! My weight gain is staying under control (PRAISE GOD) and everything seems to be going well with me. My blood pressure is still great. Other than a little swelling (that just started Sunday) and some killer indigestion when I eat what I want in large amounts, I am still having a wonderful pregnancy. I just realized all of that might be way TMI, but ya’ll know how blunt I am. Pregnancy is not for the modest or shy, and I was neither to begin.
Now, on to what most people seem to care about, our precious baby boy. (I really can’t blame themJ) Two words still describe him well, big and breech. My regular doctor measured him at about 6 and ½ pounds today, but said that was underestimating a little bit. He is concerned about his size and his lung development. He does not like to take babies 2 weeks early unless he knows that their lungs are developed. Given we are 100% sure on the due date, he suggested that we do an amniocentesis on May 1st, and then from the results determine if we should do a c-section on May 2nd or wait until early around the week of May 5th. I am assuming if the results are not good they will go ahead and give me steroids for lung development and monitor me for a few days after the 1st. I am a little apprehensive of the amnio, but Dr. Killeen eased these fears. Still, that is a very big needle, and my water could break, or it could send me into labor. Me going into labor with a big, breech baby is a concern because we would like to avoid an emergency c-section.
My diabetes tests were both okay, and the important three hour one I passed with flying colors. For some reason though, the dr. is concerned about his size and lung development (research on my own and lots of discovery channel watching have led me to understand that babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes tend to be large babies but their lungs are not always developed).
His size and position are the main concern right now. I could tell that the dr. was trying to not make us worry for no reason, but was concerned about our situation. He wants us to do non-stress tests twice a week to keep close tabs on our growing boy. If he decides to flip or wiggle around, he wants to make sure everything is okay with him.

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