Monday, April 28, 2008

The latest

Nothing new to report after today's doctor visits.
He is still a big, breech, boy. ;)
He did have to be woken up during the stress test with a little buzzer/vibrating thing. He did not like that and got busy moving after he was so rudely awaken.
Friday is still 'the day'. We will still do the amnio on Thursday and any results over 50 will make Friday a for sure 'go'.
The dr. wants to go ahead with the amnio to make sure there are no surprises with his lungs.
I will have James email on Friday when we have Zach here and settled in. (If settling is possible.)


Brie said...

I'm praying. Beth and I plan on crashing your hospital room and visiting!:) Don't worry, without our combined 4 kids!

Anonymous said...

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