Friday, April 18, 2008

Just some stuff going on

I have said many times that I LOVE being pregnant and this has been a great pregnancy. I now have to change how I feel about being pregnant. I LOVE being pregnant when I am sitting at home in my recliner and don't have to go to the bathroom. ;) I have started to get physically uncomfortable now that my due date is approaching. I don't know if it is the anxiety and anticipation, my need to nest and not rest, or that I am carrying around a 7+pound baby and a few other pounds. Although I am uncomfortable most of the day, I can still say I LOVE being pregnant, and feel truly blessed to have this experience. I can not explain the joy I have of feeling Zach move in my stomach and being able to look down and see his tiny head move about.
To Do list
I have a running to do list, and a daily to do list. Often times I find myself forgetting about the to do lists altogether and just sitting with my feet up. I do not know how all you moms did this with other children running around.
I think the only thing left we really have to do before the baby comes is put the car seat base in the car.
I need to pack some more things for the hospital, but I have an emergency bag packed just in case my water breaks or I go into labor.
We finished the nursery, got the pack and play and swing put up, got an amazing glider/recliner that I LOVE, got a new TV (note this was not on the original to do list, Happy Mother's day to me, and anniversary, and father's day :)), and got clothes and sheets and blankets washed.
I still need to boil pacifiers. I have yet to open the good ole breast pump to try to figure out how that works. I also need some baskets to keep some things down stairs for the baby.
This Weekend
I am excited about breakfast with the lifestyle lady leaders. How amazing Janis is to have us in her home. I LOVE breakfast food too.
We have a 'meet the newlyweds' party on Saturday night. I am excited to see some old friends and people I taught with at Hutch.
I am sad I am going to miss the Red and Black football game to take a nap, but sleep sounds much better at this point.
Non-stress test
Zach has passed all his non-stress test. Hearing your babies heartbeat is amazing. A lot is going on in his tiny little world. You can even hear it when he moves, sometimes.
My brother's girlfriend had her second surgery to attach her small intestine to her rectum and remove her 'bag'. She made it through very well on Thursday, and is recovering well today. The doctor is a little concerned about any infection, or tears, but seemed satisfied with the way the surgery went.


Jay and Julie Foy said...

I can't wait till Zach is here!!

Send me your address... my email is

Jason and Stephanie Trook said...

It was great catching up with you this morning! You look fabulous! I'm so excited to meet this sweet baby!

P.S.Beth-start a blog!

Leah Dooley said...

good to see you today in the Lord's house and Market Church! You look wonderful!!

Brie said...

You are almost there! Still praying. Is Zach still breech?

Ashley said...

Go to Target and by the Medella Sanitizer bags. They are about $5.00 for a box. You put pacis, bottles, breast pump parts, and like 1/4 cup of water in the bag and microwave it for like a minute. It sanitizes everything. Trust me, it will be the best $5 you spend. You can use each bag 20 times and there are 5 bags in the box.

Congrats on the awesome TAKS scores!