Saturday, March 22, 2008


My natural pessimistic attitude some times gets the best of me. I heard a segment on the Today show last week about choosing your attitude, and it got me thinking. As a Christian, it struck me that I have no reason to be so pessimistic because of the hope and truth that I have been promised by our Lord and Savior.
So, a list, of things I am thankful for seemed necessary.
I am thankful:
For a wonderful, supportive, and loving husband (even through all my hormone fits)
Our precious son that is growing inside me, and the opportunity to be parents.
The opportunity to experience pregnancy. I realize this blessing is not promised, but an amazing gift, every aspect of it.
A family that loves and supports us. If I have never mentioned it, I have GREAT in-laws. I love James' family like my own.
A loving church family, and the ability to worship freely our Lord!
My dog Panzer. She is 7 years old and truly brings me joy. She is sick right now, and the thought of not having her frightens me. I love her so much.
We have wonderful friends! So many of them love our son already, and pray for him.
God has blessed us with more material things than we deserve, and I am thankful for our house, cars, and the ability to eat out.
The little joys of life, like TV, air conditioner, March madness, and shopping.

I need to make a list like this more often. It has left me feeling peaceful, content, and thankful. I needed a change of attitude and heart before church in the morning. I know that Easter, is the perfect time to be thankful and joyful for the greatest sacrifice ever made!
What am I most thankful for: my savior rising for me!

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